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How to prepare -

Soak lupin chunks in warm water for a few hours. Rinse them thoroughly. Use a rice cooker, pressure cooker or boil lupin chunks in a pot of water to cook. Lupin chunks will never cook really soft. They will always have a slight crunch to them.

How to use them -

1) Lupin chunks are a great addition to any rice dish for a protein boost. You can easily replace 20-30% of your rice with lupin chunks.

2) They can be used in any recipe that calls for bulgur. Check out our Tabbouleh Salad with lupin chunks recipe. (Note: Bulgur wheat mostly comes in parboiled form unlike lupin chunks. Therefore, remember to adjust the cooking time for lupin chunks while replacing with bulgur.)

3) Lupin chunks can also be easily used in place of quinoa, couscous or dalia (broken wheat) for a nutritionally superior meal.

4) Replace cauliflower rice with lupin chunks. It is a low carb alternative similiar to cauliflower rice but it is much more nutritionally superior.

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